the lunacy of tranquillity?

burn my dread, don't know what i want but i know how to get it, get to the bottom to go back to the top (of the slide), i sing for you i think of you, jean sebastian antonin treow brahms.

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imawo replied to your post: debating buying a domain name/ finally setting up…

if you don’t want anything too complicated and don’t mind ‘outsourcing’ the web design i am totally up to doing it for you???? ._.

thanks for the offer! but i think i won’t feel as satisfied if i don’t scrap it together myself. even if it means hodgepodge css and adhering to the cabernet sauvignon style of good coding practise. maybe i’ll ask you for advice though, if you’re okay with that :3

btw part of this was because i saw your site and loved it :o